Janáček philharmonic OstravaBrass quintet of the Janáček Philharmonic Ostrava

Brass quintet of the Janáček Philharmonic Ostrava

The impulse for the creation of this ensemble was frequent requests from various organizations to perform a fanfare. Fanfares are still in the repertoire of the ensemble and are performed at graduations, congresses and symposia openings, ballroom dances, openings of new buildings, etc. The ensemble has been honored by the invitation to perform at the welcoming ceremony for the Belgian royal couple at the Ostrava City Hall. Another important performance took place in Barcelona in 2003, where the quintet performed at a presentation of the city of Ostrava for Spanish businessmen. Gradually, compositions from different eras were added to the repertoire, and different types of program were created. At the core of the ensemble’s repertoire are pieces by Renaissance and Baroque composers (Pezel, Vejvanovský, Scheidt, Gabrieli etc.). From these pieces a program suitable for both church and concert venues is created. At Christmas, this program is enriched with Christmas pastorals, carols and Christmas poetry. Another layer of the repertoire is represented by pieces by modern composers written for five brass instruments.  From these a “lighter” version of the program is created, suitable for exhibition openings, spa performances, ballroom dancing events, meetings, celebrations, etc. The repertoire includes also a concert for school children from the fifth grade which demonstrates the development of brass instruments and thus also music itself. The programs can be combined at the organiser’s request to create a tailor-made concert.

Trumpets – Roman Buchal and Petr Kabil
French horn – Věra Bartošová
Trombone – Milan Zatloukal
Tuba – Karel Šín