Anyone who wants to know more about the JPO and participate in its promotion can become a #JPO Agent. Get closer to us and take the chance to have a look behind the scenes at the Philharmonic! Each #JPO Agent receives a special card entitling them to buy discount tickets (for themselves, friends, family, and acquaintances). Each #JPO Agent regularly receives promotional materials which can be distributed to schools, cafés or other places around Ostrava. We organise special seminars and meetings for #JPO Agents, focused on various subjects, such as orchestra marketing, performing abroad, culture in Ostrava, music workshops and more). #JPO Agents have the privilege to participate in selected orchestra rehearsals, meet some of the artists, or participate in our projects. The selection process for #JPO Agents has begun! Become a #JPO Agent and change your music-listening experience forever. Become a #JPO Agent and be a part of our team!


If you are interested in being a #JPO agent, do not hesitate and contact us at agenti@jfo.cz


Discounts for #JPO Agents:

1 – 10 tickets: 10% discount

11 – 20 tickets: 20% discount

21 and more tickets: 30% discount


Tickets discount can be applied to all concerts organised by the JPO, except for some special concerts.


Another form of volunteering that we offer to especially students is the two unpaid positions of trainees in production and in the marketing department. For more information, please write to office@jfo.cz; we will be happy to answer.