Janáček philharmonic OstravaKoncertyD3 Glory to curiosity! Try it! II

28. 01. 2024
16:00 p.m.
Kino Vesmír
from 300 CZK

D3 Glory to curiosity! Try it! II

Curiosity is not only the key to success, but also opens the door to new possibilities. Vláda and Ota will rehearse, discover, learn, and what about the orchestra and the conductor? Just come, join in and celebrate again, this time with curiosity.


Michal Sedláček – Vláďa
Jakub Burýšek – Ota
Lenka Jaborská – script, direction
Janáček Philharmonic Ostrava
Stanislav Vavřínek – conductor


Try it! Find out! Curious Vlad wants to try everything. Ota is a very explorative type and likes to discover new things and learn them. But what is a conductor looking for? And will the orchestra try something new? Give it a try and come and celebrate all that can be achieved through curiosity.