A/Symphony series

Symphony series A is based on the phenomenal symphonies of Shostakovich, Mahler, Martinů, and Berlioz with the addition of smaller compositions, as well as violin and piano concerts interpreted by first-rate soloists. One of them is a winner of the prestigious Queen Elisabeth Music Competition held in Brussels – the Armenian violinist Sergey Khachatryan. He will be accompanied by the rising star Alena Baeva along with the experienced matadors of musical stages, pianists Simon Trpčeski and Sergei Babayan.

B/Symphony series

Symphony series B will offer Dvořák’s Seventh symphony, Beethoven’s famous “Eroica”, Offenbach’s brilliant fresco, Nordic music, “bird” concerto and one of the Mahler’s monumental symphonies. The series introduces excellent interpreters, including internationally recognized cellist Johannes Moser as well as the Czech cellist Petr Nouzovský, the clarinetist Karel Dohnal and the conductor Leoš Svárovský. Similarly to series A, another winner of the Queen Elisabeth Music Competition will be present, this time it is the pianist Lukáš Vondráček. Ostrava’s debut will be joined by the rest of the conductors.

C/Love at first listen

Moderated concert series Love at first listen has a selection of popular and less known compositions (or parts of them) from both world and domestic music literature, showing their interrelationship. This season will introduce music from the geographical perspective – starting in Spain and heading across the sea to Argentina and Brazil. After the captivating sounds of exotic music from the East, we will carry on to Northern Europe for its beautiful nature and mythology, and we will finish our journey in Russia.

D/Family series

These concerts are suitable for the whole family – from children to great-grandparents. They are made so that you can enjoy your time with the Janáček Philharmonic Ostrava along with your children on a special Sunday afternoon. Our previous family concerts have offered multiple musical stories in the past six years. Olinka and Vláďa together with the conductor Stanislav Vavřínek and the whole orchestra became true heroes. Our audience of all ages became considerably fond of them. Perhaps they have grown up, matured and aged during those six years, however, they will still accompany us in the following seventh year while reminiscing about their whimsical episodes and musical adventures.

E/Jeunesses musicales series

The concerts of the Jeunesses musicales series are exceptional and appealing as usually more solo compositions for a variety of instruments are played in one evening. As the cycle’s title suggests, the interpreters are young musicians and winners of the interpreting competition by JPO (and usually of other competitions as well). An exception (apart from dramaturgy) will be the fourth concert during which will be performing young and promising conductors.

G/Gong series

The Multifunctional auditorium Gong, which became the home to many crossover concerts, will introduce four interesting projects this season. After his successful debut in February 2018, the charismatic singer Tomáš Klus is returning to the crime scene with his group Cílová skupina. Ondřej G. Brzobohatý is also coming back. In October 2015 he, Ondřej Brousek and the JPO shone together at a concert called The Melodies of The Silver Screen. He will present his own work this time. The next two projects will have their premieres in Gong. Ostrava’s orchestra will be accompanied by the charismatic singer, drummer and experienced frontman of the group Lucie as well as the author of many hits, David Koller. Another “novice” that will start off the Gong series in the season 2019/2020 is the singer, guitarist and composer Janek Ledecký who is going to have an “acoustic” tour in spring 2019 so that he can perform in symbiosis with the symphonic orchestra in fall.

K/Chamber series

The clear definition of chamber music is the kind of music that is intended for a smaller number of players. The music is in its most crystallized form; it is clear, transparent, and intimate. The guests of the chamber series in its 66th season will consist of a greater number of interpreters from abroad. One of them is the pianist Federico Colli who is well-known in Ostrava, and who will come along with a string quartet composed of the famous Milan’s La Scala orchestra members. Next will be a rising star of concert stages, the Romanian cellist Andrei Ionită whose interpretations, especially of Hayden’s cello compositions, are renowned. Benda Quartet was founded in 2012 and it was clear from the beginning that the ensemble was entering the music scene with huge potential. The same goes for Belfiato Quintet as well. The features of handling musical instruments perfectly, being creative and experiencing pure happiness from playing are how these five friends built their audience both at home and abroad.

M/Special concerts

This season, we have prepared four special concerts for you. The first one includes from the Lullabies. This is an interesting project combining the catchy poems of Robin Král, captivating music and arrangement of Jan Lstibůrek and the heartfelt singing of Tomáš Klus, Ewa Farná and Páchovy sisters. The concert is suitable for anyone who likes to fall asleep or sleep in general. There will also be an exhibition of paintings as an accompaniment by Jaroslav Róna. A constant feature of the program of the JPO season have been the Christmas and New Year concerts. The fourth special concert of this season is a project called “Young Talents with the Janáček Philharmonic Ostrava”. The seats will be taken for the seventh time by the members of the JPO along with selected talented pupils and students from the Elementary Art School of the Moravian-Silesian and South Moravian regions.

R/Piano recital series

Piano recitals have been regularly present in the JPO’s seasons. However, it was only three years ago this concert series was created, representing solo piano. It almost immediately captivated its audience. The 66th season will begin with a recital performance of the excellent Slovak pianist Marián Lapšanský who is also the managing director of the Slovak Philharmonic, teacher and organizer of many cultural events in Slovakia. Other guests of this series will be world artists and special celebrities – Alexei Volodin, Pierre Laurent Aimard – a brilliant musician of a specific nature, and the British pianist Paul Lewis – an excellent interpreter of Schubert and Beethoven, loved by the critics and audience, and whose artistry could be admired a few years ago at the Janáček May International Music Festival in Brahm’s First Piano Concerto.

T/Domestic concerts

The Janáček May Festival, the St. Wenceslas Music Festival... these are just two prestigious Czech festivals where music-loving audiences can enjoy the performances of the JPO. The pleasant atmosphere of these festivals is enhanced by the charm of a classical music concert. The also orchestra regularly plays in other cities of the region – most often in Orlová and Nový Jičín, but also in Karviná, Havířov, Frýdek-Místek and Opava.

Z/Concerts abroad

This year, we will continue to strengthen our orchestra’s prestige by interpreting the Czech music at both domestic and overseas music festivals. Our orchestra is regularly invited to America, Asia, and many European cities to perform at their prestige events. The significance of our orchestra is growing on the world’s cultural map due to these activities. This year we are performing at notable Polish music festivals in Lusławice and Cieszyn. We also host the Leoš Janáček International Music Festival and Saint Wenceslas Music Festival, and we are honored to start off the 66th season with Janáček’s festival and finish off with St. Wenceslas’ festival in September. In the fall, we are going on a weekly tour to South Korea.