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Practical information for visitors

The JPO orchestra will perform in the Vesmír cinema for several years. Since the 2022/2023 season, the orchestra will rehearse and partially perform here. JPO is thus leaving its home stage for a few years – the House of Culture of the City of Ostrava is awaiting extensive reconstruction, which also includes the addition of a concert hall of world acoustic parameters.

You will be able to attend JPO events mainly in the Vesmír cinema, then in the Gong hall or in the premises of the former Bauhaus / Plato City Gallery.

The Janáček point contact and customer center, which is located in the DKMO entrance area on the right (opposite the cash register), will be relocated next to the Pant Center (Čs. Legií 1222) from 24 August 2022. Until August 10, 2022, you will still find us in the right part of the DKMO entrance area.

Janáček point
building DKMO, 28. října 124, 702 00 Ostrava

e-mail: janacekpoint@jfo.cz, phone: 597 489 466

Opening hours until 30 June 2022:
Monday         13–19
Tuesday         13–19
Wednesday    09–19
Thursday        09–19
Friday             13–19

Summer opening hours (July and August 2022)::
Monday                           closed
Tuesday–Thursday      9–12   13–17
Friday                              closed

Summer holidays (closed): 10.–23. 8. 2022

We are looking forward to seeing you in the new premises in the centre of Ostrava from 24th August, next to the Pant Center at Čs. legií 1222.

Opening hours from 24th August:
Tuesday–Thursday      9–12   13–17

Opening hours from 1st September:
Monday             12–17
Tuesday             10–17
Wednesday       10–17
Thursday           09–17
Friday                 12–17

In addition to the Janáček Point, tickets can also be purchased at the Ostrava Information Service, at the ticket office of the Ostrava House of Culture, at the Havířov Municipal Information Center, at the Orlová Municipal Information Center, at the Beskydy Information Centers in Frýdek-Místek and Frýdlant nad Ostravicí. Kopřivnice Information Center, in the information center in Bílovec, in the Sluna in Opava or in the Tourist Information Center Frenštát pod Radhoštěm.

Tickets and subscriptions can also be purchased online.