For the “playful“ adults

Lessons are intended for all who want to play a game with their body, who want to find their natural ability of rhythm and dynamics in motion, sound and voice. For all who want to open up their voice and sing together loudly, who want to try playing the Orff instruments and become a part of an orchestra. Popular as well as classical music will be played. Workshops will take place once a week in the Music Hall of the JPO under the guidance of Lenka Jaborská.


For children and parents

For the third time, we offer fun and interactive courses for mums (or dads) and their children. In September we are opening two classes. The first one will be designed for parents with children aged from 2 to 3 years, the second one for parents with children aged from 4 to 6 years. Under the guidance of the experienced lecturer and the mother of several children Lenka Jaborská, and with the active participation of your own children, you can rediscover the magic of natural movement, games, singing, and dancing. Discover classical music as a natural part of everyday life. The courses are divided into twelve lessons, to be held once a week in the Music Hall of the JPO (the first lesson is for free). The course price is 1,400 CZK. Minimum/maximum capacity: 10/15 children.


For teachers

We also organize music workshops that focus primarily on creative musical activities, combining the music and movement education with dramatic education, work with Orff instruments, and materials that are at first sight completely non-musical. During the workshop, a set of methods and procedures will be presented, focusing on the development of pupils’ skills in music. A teacher who is courageous enough to work with creative forms of teaching is usually rewarded with original childrens’ and students’ ideas and speeches. The mutual exchange of experience is definitely inspiring. Workshops will be led by lecturer Martin Ptáček. Dates: Autumn 2018 and Spring 2019.



For bookings and questions, contact Vendula Foltýnová:

foltynova@jfo.cz, +420 732 840 718