Workshops for schools (elementary school, secondary school and also high school)

Sometimes just listening is not enough. Because it is also about how to listen, what to focus on and what to hear. It is important to stimulate not only the child’s imagination, but also concentration. We have chosen the form of workshops to help them on their journey to music. An experienced lecturer works with children in an interactive way and pursue not only to deepening their knowledge but also their skills. The whole body is involved, including the voice. We also have a wide range of Orff instruments available. However, during the lessons we also work with everyday objects that at first sight are not suitable for working with music. The aim of the workshops is to develop creative thinking and perception of the world around us, playfulness and an understanding of classical music as a natural part of life. The workshops can become a practical complement to music education at school. The workshop programme is designed adequately to the age of the enrolled pupils and students.

The date can be arranged individually.
Lecturers: Lenka Jaborská, Martin Ptáček


Workshops for teachers

We also offer music workshops for music education teachers. These are mainly focused on creative musical activities, connecting musical movement and drama education, working with Orff instruments and with materials and objects that are at first sight completely non-musical. The workshop focuses on a set of methods and practices that develop pupils’ skills and knowledge in music education. The teacher who takes this route is often rewarded for his or her courage to let imagination and creativity run wild with original children and students ideas.

Dates during autumn 2022 and spring 2023 will be specified on request. Workshops are led by lecturer Martin Ptáček.