G2 Music in Films 2

16. 12. 2021
19:00 p.m.
Gong, Dolní Vítkovice
from 600 CZK

Original date of the concert 16. 12. 2020. Tickets remain valid.


Patricia Janečková – vocal
Jan Čenský – moderator
Concert Choir Permoník
Martina Juríková – choir mistress
Janáček Philharmonic Ostrava
Stanislav Vavřínek – conductor


It is known that the Lumière brothers were the pioneers of film. Their moving pictures sparked a sensation in their time. We will never know, however, who was it that first sat down at the piano in a dark hall to fill the silent film with his music. The connection between films and music keeps evolving even today, when the best of film scores live their own lives. A good film is usually accompanied by good music as well. And precisely from films like those, JPO chose attractive and well-known soundtracks. During two December evenings, the audience will get to experience a sequence of selected film scores from the best-known films of Czech and international cinematography. You may know some of these melodies from films and tv series such as Game of Thrones, Pirates of the Caribbean, Arabela, or A Night at Karlstein.