G3 Bohemian Symphony

22. 02. 2022
19:00 p.m.
Gong, Dolní Vítkovice
from 800 CZK

Original concert date 30. 3. 2021. Tickets remain valid.


Concert Choir Permoník
Martina Juríková – choir mistress
Janáček Philharmonic Ostrava
Jan Kučera
– conductor


Fans of the band Queen, who made history as one of the best rock bands, can look forward to a big event. JFO will join forces with one of the most recognized Queen tribute bands in the world – Queenie.

Precise live rendition of the rock legend’s songs with original arrangements and keys, absolute technical quality supported by the band’s own sound engineer, visual resemblance, and perfectionism — all of the above defines Queenie and is the reason for its recognition by professional critics, as well as for the numerous awards they have received. At the beginning of their journey was the realization that the band’s preferred genre is theatre – or rather “concert theatre”, where each member in their own specific role represents the work of another artist. Music authenticity and live performance were the basic concepts on which each of the band’s members based their approach to the project. “Freddie Mercury was, without a doubt, one of the biggest personalities of modern art and it’s a great honour for me to sing and play the music he composed with Queen. Encounter with this music was one of the last factors that influenced my relationship with music and my future overall,” says the band’s frontman Michael Kluch.