G4 Krhut & Kozub with JPO

20. 04. 2022
19:00 p.m.
Gong, Dolní Vítkovice
from 600 CZK

Jiří Krhut – music, lyrics, vocalist
Štěpán Kozub – lyrics, vocalist
Barbara Kanyzová – vocalist
Janáček Philharmonic Ostrava
Stanislav Vavřínek – conductor


Ostrava-born musician, composer and lyricist Jiří Krhut has performed in his home base Heligonka club since 2016. During his performances, he pulls the audience into his funny sketches, scenes, poems, anecdotes, and stage songs. As a composer and lyricist he collaborated with many famous Czech interprets, for example Marie Rottrová, Jaromír Nohavica, Michal Horáček, Ewa Farna, or Vojtěch Dyk.

Štěpán Kozub is Czech actor, comedian, singer, and director. He is currently a permanent member of Mír Theatre, where other than being an actor, he acts as artistic director. He is a part of a four member improv group TŘI TYGŘI (Three Tigers). He starred in over 30 television, film and internet series and films. He has received many awards for his acting, among them the Czech Theatre Critic Award or Las Vegas film festival awards for best acting performance.

This Ostrava duo quickly became a hit among listeners across the generations with their debut album “Prásknu bičem”, which was released in 2020. Their work consists of songs of many genres, their vocals are joined, both on the CD and concerts, by songwriter Barbara Kanyzová. With Janáček Philharmonic, they will offer the audience songs from their album in orchestral form.