18. 12. 2023
19:00 p.m.
Evangelický Kristův kostel, Ostrava
from 230 CZK

K1 Tiburtina Ensemble

The unique color of the sound, the warmth of the expression and the dramatic imagination characterize the female group Tiburtina Ensemble, which belongs to the top in its field. The evening will be complemented by medieval Marian poetry performed by actress Ivana Uhlířová.


“Ecce, Virgo concipiet – Behold, the Virgin shall conceive” – Mystery of music and words in the Advent season


Ivana Uhlířová artistic recital
Tiburtina Ensemble
Barbora Kabátková artistic director


Tiburtina Ensemble is a women’s group that focuses on the performance of Gregorian chant, medieval polyphony and early polyphony. During its ten-year existence, the ensemble has become one of the leaders in its field and regularly appears at leading Czech and international festivals. It is especially appreciated for its unique sound colour, the warmth of expression and dramaturgical inventiveness.

Listeners can look forward to a programme entitled Mysterium of Music and Words in the Advent season. In medieval Christianity, Advent was seen as a season of penitence and strict fasting. It was marked by vigil and waiting for the birth of Christ and the coming of the Savior. It was also a time of contemplation of the coming of light in the darkest days of winter. Marian veneration, which is intrinsically linked to the Advent season, lends a distinctive lyrical tone to the chant of Advent. The whole evening will be enhanced and complemented by medieval Marian poetry, performed by the actress Ivana Uhlířová.