25. 03. 2024
19:00 p.m.
Kino Vesmír
from 250 CZK

K3 Baeva & Kholodenko

Important romantic works of the 19th and 20th centuries – Schumann, Schubert, Strauss and Stravinsky – will be performed by one of the most outstanding violinists of the current generation, Alena Baeva, and her pianist husband Vadym Kholodenko.


Robert Schumann
Fairytale Pictures Op. 113

Franz Schubert
Fantasie in C major Op. posth. 159 (D 934)

Richard Strauss
Violin Sonata Op. 18

Igor Stravinsky
Kiss of the Fairy (excerpts from the ballet)


Alena Baeva – violin
Vadym Kholodenko – piano


Alena Baeva has performed alongside JFO several times. Winner of many prestigious international competitions and one of the most outstanding violinists of the current generation, this time she will perform together with her husband, Ukrainian pianist Vadym Kholodenko. Their performance will feature important romantic works of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Fairytale Pictures was originally written by Robert Schumann for viola and piano. It is not entirely clear which tales inspired the composer, but some Schumann scholars see them as musical settings of the fairy tales Locika, Rumplcimprcampr and The Sleeping Beauty from the pen of the Brothers Grimm.

The violin fantasy in C major was composed by Franz Schubert for the violinist Josef Slavik, whom Chopin referred to as ‘the Czech Paganini’. Schubert’s virtuosic work is a complex pattern of contrasting moods, among which stands out the melancholy characteristic of the end of the composer’s life.

Although Richard Strauss’s Violin Sonata is one of the composer’s early works, it has nevertheless gained popularity among performers. The parts of both instruments are extremely difficult and the piece places equal demands on them.

The evening will close with Igor Stravinsky’s Divertimento for violin and piano, which was created by reworking orchestral pieces from the ballet The Kiss of the Fairy. The ballet is based on the fairy tale The Ice Queen by Hans Christian Andersen.