15. 02. 2021
19:00 p.m.
Dům kultury města Ostravy
from 500 CZK

R3 Well-Tempered piano

The concert is cancelled

Johann Sebastian Bach
Well-Tempered Piano, II. part (selection)


Piotr Anderszewski – piano


Piotr Anderszewski, a Polish pianist, is a person who never makes artistic concessions. Thus he built a reputation as an exceptional pianist, an artist fully focused solely on the music itself. This time he will perform a major opus.

Bach’s Well-Tempered Piano is composed of two cycles of twenty-four compositions in all keys. The formation of the first and the second divides two decades. The second part was created during the artist’s stay in Leipzig. The author’s pedagogical intent, the desire to experiment, and the courage to use original compositional ideas are given a firm and clear form. Bach wanted to draw attention to the possibilities of new piano tuning methods – and created a fundamental work of lasting value.

“We are not only enjoying the well-tempered piano; this work elevates us. Joy, pain, weeping, weeping, laughing: everything comes out of him, but through the tones that express it we move from the world of unrest to the world of peace. Nowhere else will we understand, of course, that Bach felt his art as a religion, as here, ”said Albert Schweitzer, doctor, theologian, and researcher from Bach.