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R4 Paul Lewis’ Destined Composers

The concert is cancelled without an alternative date


Franz Schubert: Piano Sonata in G major No. 18 D894
Ludwig van Beethoven: 33 Variations: On A Waltz By Diabelli, Op. 120


Paul Lewis – piano

Franz Schubert composed a nearly 40-minute long Sonata No. 18 in October 1826. He composed altogether 20 sonatas which have many musical ideas and are formally perfect, but still quite difficult to interpret. The melodic compositions offer the audience a transparent, soothing and usually positive music. The one we will hear tonight is one of the last sonatas published during the composer’s life. It was produced in Vienna in April 1827 and the publisher illogically labeled its first part as a fantasia. Schubert leaves all novel approaches and goes back to standard mediums.

Ludwig van Beethoven’s 33 Variations: On A Waltz By Diabelli is a masterpiece for solo piano. However, a less known fact is that the author enjoyed himself when composing this piece. Forget the cliché of a gloomy old Beethoven – his variations could be considered one big and refined musical joke.