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We recorded another CD for Naxos

10. 12. 20

At the beginning of December, the Ostrava Orchestra recorded another CD for Naxos. Under the conductor Dario Salvi, the Orchestra recorded preludes and interludes of the operas Zerline and Zanetta by the French composer Daniel Auber.

An important milestone in Auber’s career was the performance of The Mute Girl of Portici opera composed in 1828 for the Paris Opera. The premiere in Paris caused a sensation and the performance in Brussels became the stimulus for the uprising for the liberation of Belgium. The dramatic opera with a large number of characters, impressive choirs, ballet and distinctive, impressive music started the era of the so-called French grand opera. It also influenced other composers (Meyerbeer and Halévy) and aroused great admiration of Richard Wagner, who always spoke of Auber with appreciation. The operas Gustavus III, or the Masked Ball (1833) or Lestocq (1834) were composed in a similar spirit.

Dario Salvi, who was born in northern Italy and now lives in Scotland is quickly gaining a name in the world of opera and operetta. He is known for his expressive gestures and precision of style. He already completed his projects documenting the forgotten works of J. Strauss II, Meyerbeer, Humperdinck, and others for Naxos. We can read many reviews that say he is a “real ballet master conductor, with great gestures, very expressive, sometimes even with almost theatrical facial expressions when he communicates with the orchestra and excellent in transmitting his ideas”.