Janáček philharmonic OstravaNovinkyThe construction of the concert hall will begin this year; the Statutory City of Ostrava has signed a contract with the contractors.

The construction of the concert hall will begin this year; the Statutory City of Ostrava has signed a contract with the contractors.

06. 5. 24

The Statutory City of Ostrava has selected the contractor for the future Concert Hall. After analyzing all submitted materials, the project evaluation committee recommended to the city council the contractor Consortium for the Concert Hall, whose partners are IMOS Brno a.s. and IPS Třinec a.s., which offered the lowest bid for fulfilling the public contract, amounting to 2.798 billion CZK. After the necessary periods expired and all formalities were settled, a contract was signed between the city and the aforementioned companies on April 4.

“The construction will be financed with the help of a grant from the European Commission, a loan from the European Investment Bank, subsidies from the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, and the Moravian-Silesian Region. The city is also preparing applications for subsidies from other possible funding sources and is saving in its dedicated fund for financing the concert hall, which currently contains 570 million CZK,” says Jan Dohnal, Mayor of the Statutory City of Ostrava. The expected completion date for the construction is now planned for the end of 2027.

The hall of the former Kino Vesmír underwent a major reconstruction to improve acoustics. However, it remains a temporary solution, which, although the orchestra has adapted to it, presents certain daily limitations and is not suitable for long-term use. This is mainly due to the lack of facilities and the absence of spaces for individual musicians to practice. The JPO looks forward with hope to the expected start of the new concert hall’s construction. “The Janáček Philharmonic Ostrava is a jewel of the city of Ostrava, and I am extremely pleased that we have a competitive orchestra full of top-notch musicians who are continuously developing artistically. We are aware that our Philharmonic also needs adequate facilities to move forward. A shared vision is turning into a real project. At the beginning of April, we signed a contract with the construction contractor. The vision of a completed hall by the end of 2027 is now not only hopeful but truly realistic,” says Lucie Baránková Vilamová, Deputy Mayor of the Statutory City of Ostrava.

All preparatory work is aimed at enabling the construction to begin as soon as possible. “At this moment, I can confirm that we would like to symbolically lay the foundation stone in the summer and fully commence construction work. The upcoming 71st concert season, which will also bring the future chief conductor to Ostrava, will likely be significant not only in the field of music but also, considering the construction of a multifunctional complex including a world-class concert hall, will become a symbol of a new future for the Janáček Philharmonic and all Ostrava residents,” concludes Deputy Mayor Hana Tichánková.