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New Year’s concert, hosting Jiři Vodička

02. 1. 20

Bernstein’s opera overture, Korngold’s Violin Concerto, or Prokofiev’s ballet suite – this is a brief headline of the New Year’s JFO concert. The concert is held on the aegis of Tomáš Macura, the mayor of Ostrava. The concert takes place on January 9, 2020, at 7 p.m., at Dům Kultury, Ostrava. Except for the evening’s concert, there is a possibility to visit an official overhaul, which takes place at 10 a.m.

„I am pleased, that I could take the concert under my aegis. It will differ from the previous ones, but I firmly believe that it will be a nice time to spend on the hearers. I am looking forward to hearing Jiři Vodička, who is said by the critics to be „ a devilish and breathtakingly fast violinist.” I suppose that he will make a similar impression here, in Ostrava “- says Tomaš Macura.

Jiři Vodička got the Classic Prague Award for the best soloist performance in January 2019.  He got the award for performing Camilla Saint – Saense’s and Pablo de Sarasate’s songs at New Year’s concert of the Czech Philharmonic in 2018. The editor of Harmonie magazine, Luboš Stehlik, stated in his review that Vodička’s performance left him in a state of shock. „The way he performed Sarasate’s Carmen, and Saense’s Introduction and Rondo capriccioso, left me speechless. The performance was a way better than all those I heard from world-renown artists.

Two years later, this violinist of Haviřov origin would perform at New Year’s concert of JFO. The hearers will hear Korngold’s Violin Concerto. This song can’t deny the fact that the author, who was born in Brno but lived in Vienna, and the end of his life spent in the USA, focused on composing songs for movies. He wrote 17 compositions in co-operation with Warner Brothers. Two of them, Anthony Adverse and the Adventure of Robin Hood was awarded the Oscar. Except for the Korngold’s Violin Concerto, there is going to be performed an interlude to the opera Candide, which composer is Leonard Bernstein, and Romeo and Juliet ballet suite, composed by Sergei Prokofiev, who made piano and instrumental suites out of most of his operas and ballets.

“New Year’s concert is going to be held at Dům Kultury, Ostrava, as it is a tradition. There are plans in Ostrava, as it was already announced, to build a new concert hall. The winning project of an international architecture competition is a project of an American architect, Steven Hall, who co-operated with the Czech studio, Architecture Arts. We have been processing a more detailed study, and if everything goes well, the New Year’s concert 2024 may be held at the brand-new hall, which should fulfill dreams of both, musician, and hearers.” – adds the mayor, Tomáš Macura.

Photo: Ilona Sochorová